Hey, I am Berkay Ulguel

Berkay Ulguel

Who am I?

I was born in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey. My passion for computers has started when I was a little child and over time, I have gained a wealth of experience in Computer Science. I have participated in "Work and Travel" in South Carolina, USA. Also, I have been qualified to study for one semester at Riga Technical University as an exchange student. Currently, I am a final grade Computer Engineer student at Trakya University and a full-time Frontend Developer at Galaksiya Information Technologies.

My friends refer me as a creative, collaborative, passionate, and quick learner.

Besides my programming identity, I am also a coffee lover, traveler, and dancer.

You can check my resume for more details!




A new generation online ticket sales website that delivers events in different categories. I'm part of the Frontend team currently developing with Angular.

Password Input

Stencil web component which allows users to change the visibility of input. You can add a custom web component by following the documentation of the framework that you are using.

CoinMarketCap Clone

Clone website has been developed with mock data and Angular & Nx Workspace by a couple of junior frontend developers.

E-Commerce Clone

An E-commerce clone website is developed with React, Redux, Node.js & MongoDB.

Twitter Selenium Automation

This project is developed with Python for educational purposes. Selenium automation bot which can like, retweet, and reply with the desired message.


I have always wanted to create a photo gallery to immortalize memories. Developed with Angular.

Card Match Game

Here is the simple card match game with my own personal photos. Developed with vanilla JS & CSS.


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